Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Oh my God. It is hard to believe what is happening in Ottawa today. As I write this Jason Kenney has just confirmed that a Canadian soldier has died as a result of his wounds today and we also know that one of the perpetrators is dead. In crisis times it is difficult to see where God is acting in the world but we trust that God is acting because of our past relationship with Him. Wherever God is in this situation we must trust that She is working to prevent the further loss of life.

Oh God of Love, we come to you today with heavy hearts knowing that there has been loss of life and not knowing much else. We know that it must pain you when your children fight and kill each other, whatever the reasons. Please be with those who are seeking to bring to justice those who have taken lives. Be with those who are hiding and waiting to come out. Be with those who are waiting to know if loved ones are safe.
There are so many unknowns today, Blessed Creator, but one thing we know is that you are faithful to your people and that your love knows no bounds. Give us the grace to make it through this day and to start tomorrow to seek good questions and considerate actions.

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