Thursday, 18 September 2014

I love my kids!

I love my daughter, of course. She is such an interesting person.

When I say I love my kids though, I also mean the children with whom I learn about God during the year. They aren't "my" children in terms of possession but I have the privilege of being with them, praying with them, talking with them, listening to them. All of them are extraordinary people!

For instance, this past Sunday I was asked what was so fun about listening to Michael's sermon. Also I was asked whether or not there would be a Christmas concert and what the theme was! It was suggested that there should be a Frozen themed Christmas concert. I will do my best to make that happen!

I was also asked when the next dress up drama was going to be (we did one at a PD Day Faith Adventure last year). These children--who sometimes seem to forget the household rules from week to week--can remember experiences they have had at church a full calendar year ago! This is why children's ministry is so important. I have heard stories of adults who were raised in other denominations who clearly remember fifty years later being denied communion as children. Being open to children matters. Young families who come to our church almost always say that they are attracted by our church sign and website which read, "Children Welcome - Noise Expected"

I don't know if all children are as interesting, challenging and joyful as the children who attend our church but I know that I love, love, love the children who come to our church!

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